Part II of the Podcast about chaplaincy and spiritual across settings

Listen in here

Chaplaincy and spiritual care across settings

New podcast on WGVU….listen in

Lots of debate about the House Chaplain

Some historical context here

Thoughts about Mentoring….

Why do I love working with students? Some thoughts are here!

What do airport chaplains do?

Listen to this podcast based on an article on the subject recently published in Sociology of Religion

Spiritual Care in Changing Times….

New blog post on “Spiritual Care in Changing Times: Initial Glimpses from Theological Education” with Beth Stroud. The Huffington Post. December 18, 2017.

The Future of Spiritual Care?

Wendy Cadge and Trace Haythorn talk about the Future of Spiritual Care on Interfaith Voices.

Want to know more about airport chapels?

Read this new piece on The Conversation. The article it is based on is forthcoming in Religion & American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation

Workshops at Hebrew Senior Life in the spring of 2018.

Read this interview with Mary Martha Thiel, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center’s Director of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), about training providers of geriatric health care to be spiritual generalists.

“On Being a Spiritual Generalist” workshops.

One-day workshops run by Association for Clinical Pastoral Education are now being adapted for use in geriatric settings. Read more about it here.