Professor Cadge teaches graduate and undergraduate courses at Brandeis University and provides continuing education for healthcare professionals. At Brandeis University she won the Michael Walzer ’56 Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2008 and the Dean of Arts and Sciences Mentoring Award for Outstanding Teaching of Students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in 2012. She regularly lectures across the country, and the Transforming Chaplaincy Project she co-directs translates research about chaplains for clinical audiences.

Teaching Resources

Always eager to find new teaching resources, Cadge and colleagues are happy to share the following they created. Boston’s Hidden Sacred Spaces provides photographs and materials to spark thinking about how people from different religious backgrounds share space and how these settings vary by location and over time. These materials about Jewish-Buddhist encounters in the contemporary United States are designed to facilitate conversation about pluralistic religious experiences and identities. These were designed in collaboration with Emily Sigalow. This guide might help social scientists write literature reviews.


Sociology 1a. Order and Change in Society

Sociology 118a. Observing the Social World: Doing Qualitative Sociology

Sociology 129a. Religion in American Life: A Sociological Approach

Sociology 165a. Living and Dying in America: The Sociology of Birth and Death

Sociology 169b. Issues in Sexuality

Sociology/NEJS 171b. Religions in Greater Boston

Sociology 181a. Methods of Social Inquiry

Sociology 203b. Field Methods

Sociology 211b. Advanced Topics in the Sociology of Religion

Sociology 240a. Approaches to Sociological Research

USem 78a. Praying for a Cure? Religion, Health and Healing in America